Moving Forward

Since my last post we have had a full array of weather conditions; sleet, hail, frost, snow and finally this week blazing sunshine. Fortunately now, with a little trepidation I think we can say we are about to get some decent growing condition.

I would like to say a big congratulations to Billy Brown for his successful Captain’s day and wish him the best of luck in this coming year. I enjoyed briefly attending the night time whilst ensuring I missed the karaoke! It was good to witness both the atmosphere and a great feeling of togetherness in club spirit proving that Alnwick castle GC is both a welcoming and enjoyable place to be. Moving forward this will stand us in fantastic stead for the growth of the club.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Billy for the help he has given me since I joined the Alnwick team, today was his final day before he leaves us to enjoy his retirement. It didn’t take me long to realise that Billy lives and breathes Alnwick Castle GC and over his 8 years has been a fantastic assets to the club. I have no doubt that with his dedication and passion  whatever he turns his hands to next will be all the better for it.

Best of luck Billy and enjoy!


Out on the Course 

There have been some slight amendments to the course over the last few weeks firstly on the 6th approach removing the semi rough between the 2 bunkers and reinstating the approach height of cut to reward good play.

The long rough between holes 10 and 11 has been cut into 3 separate islands to speed up the search for lost balls and also creating path ways to either hole.

Next week will see the movement of the 16th fairway to create a slight dogleg to the left, this is to aim play away from oncoming blind shots up the 3rd. This is both practical for health and safety reasons but also a little more rewarding as the lay of the land promotes ball roll to the right. This may take a little time to establish normal fairway standards of play and your patience during this time will be greatly received.

I am delighted to say that the greens iron we have had on demo last week has now been purchased along with an extra cut brush attachment for the greens mower. It has been fantastic receiving positive feedback on greens performance since using the greens iron and this is a solid investment. Using the extra cut brush in conjunction with the greens iron will further boost greens performance. The brush stands up and presents grass blades for the mower to achieve a more uniformed and higher quality of cut, following this operation with the greens iron them smoothes the surface creating speed and quality of ball roll.

I feel this investment was essential to increase greens performance and to help produce a better course. I will certainly make the most of it and I am delighted we are all working towards the same objectives.


Whilst feedback has been great for the course recently I feel there is still an issue with consistency of performance from morning golf to evening golf. During the spring period it is always a difficult balance between helping growth to create quality putting surfaces and achieving too much growth which reduces greens performance in the evening. Today finally presented the correct conditions to spray the greens meaning that we could apply a growth regulator along with a small amount of nitrogen and seaweed, this will help increase consistency. It is likely to take a few weeks to gain full control of both greens health and growth but with the machinery, products and knowledge we now have I am confident we can create a good platform for your golf.



I would just like to finish with a thank you for all the support myself and the team have received recently, it is greatly appreciated and we are all looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the coming season.

Hopefully I will see you out on the course soon.



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